History and Mission of IFO

The history of the Hospital Physiotherapy Institutes (IFO), a scientific institute and hospital for cancer research, began in 1926 within an old eighteenth-century hospital building called "St. Mary and St. Gallicano", located in the heart of Trastevere in Rome, consequently breaking away and becoming independent from the "Hospitals of Rome". As a result the "Royal Hospital Physiotherapy Institute of St. Mary and St. Gallicano" was established which, together with its traditional tasks of care and treatment in the field of skin diseases, it also assumed the role of a study center for carrying out both physical therapy and research activities in the fight against cancer.
In 1931, its original name changed to the "Royal Hospital Physiotherapy Institutes". The Regina Elena Institute (IRE) then joined the San Gallicano Institute (ISG) for the Study and Treatment of Cancer. This partnership was inaugurated on 21st April 1933. This arrangement defined the current organisation of IFO, and since then through IRE has played a key role in cancer research. It is important to mention that the first Director of the Regina Elena Institute was the then President of the "Italian League in the Fight Against Cancer", Senator Raffaele Bastianelli.

 IFO celebrated 80 years of its history in 2006

The Hospital Physiotherapy Institutes (IFO) was the first IRCCS, Scientific Institute for Hospitalization, Care and Research of its nature in Rome. IRCCS are of national importance and have their own autonomy to operate in accordance with standards of excellence, seeking to achieve research objectives, mainly clinical and translational research in the biomedical field as well as in the organization and management of health care services, and offering high specialty in-patient care. (Art. 1 - Decree Law 288/03)
IFO celebrated eighty years of service was celebrated by a photo exhibition highlighting all its research and health care activity milestones.
IFO 1926 - 2006
The founding of the Hospital Physiotherapy Institutes
80 years of Hospitalization, Care and Research in Rome
From 21 December 2006 to 31 March 2007
Exhibition venues:
IFO 1926 - 2006: 80 years of Hospitalization, Care and Research in Rome
"... before? Celebrating 80 years of history of the San Gallicano since 1725 "
Head office Historical Institute of San Gallicano - Via di San Gallicano 25 - Trastevere
"Basic Research Tools"
Experimental Research Centre - Via delle Messi d'Oro, 156 -00158 Rome Pietralata
The exhibition took place on 21st December 2006 by Prof. Elio Guzzanti, former Minister of Health, who held a lecture entitled "Italian Hospitalisation".
On 9th January 2007, the Director General Marino Nonis, presented the activities to be carried out in 2007 and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the State Secretary of His Holiness, celebrated Mass for the beginning of the year.
Message by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.
Speech by the Director General Marino Nonis for presenting the 2007 activities
Greetings from the Director General to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.
Press publication January 9, 2007

This event was supported by:
The Ministry of Health
Presidency of the Lazio Region
CITY OF ROME: Department of Social and Health
Photos: Pictures IFO, Mauro Di Giovanni, Sandro Fantusi, Ivana Zardin
Texts: Central State Archives, Archives IFO, Libraries and ISG IRE, Press IFO.