The Governing Board

The Governing Board assists the General Director’s Office in ensuring and managing the operation of Institute through providing views and proposals regarding the work projects as well as defining programs for the organization and development of services, in addition to the correct use of structural technological, financial and human resource management. In order to attain these objectives it must be done in conjunction within the logic of economic and financial sustainability.

The General Director relies on the Governing Board, which is an institutional organ that contributes to managing the clinical activities, and all matters relating to this. In addition, the Governing Board contributes to planning and assessing the technical and healthcare activities, and it also participates in planning research activities, and education and training programs as well as providing organizational solutions for implementing intramural professional practice. The Board also has a say in the organizational management and development of the Institute, particularly in regards to identifying clinical care indicators for performance and outcome efficiency, as well as the requirements of appropriateness and quality care performance.

The Governing Board is also involved in the process of internal review and analysis of the results achieved compared to the goals established previously.

The General Director counts on the Governing Board in developing the Institute's functional activities, such as organizing and developing services by implementing the departmental model and using human resources.
The Governing Board consists of the General Director, who has been issued a provision on regulating a specific working procedures in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the decree DCA 259/2014 of Lazio Region and the current regulations.

The Governing Board is chaired by the General Director and is composed of:

- Chief Scientific Officers IRE and ISG;
- Chief Medical Officer of IFO;
- Administrative Director;
- Departmental Directors;
- Medical Officers of IRE-ISG;
- Director of DITRAR
  (Nursing, Health care, Technical Rehabilitation and Research Office).

To discuss specific issues/topics, department heads or medical professionals to whom lead medical departments or hold positions of strategic importance may participate in meetings with the Governing Board.
The Governing Board is specifically empowered to govern clinical and research activities as well as to evaluate the results achieved by comparing them to the clinical and research objectives of the Institute, placing special emphasis on appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare services and performance, as well as through comparative evaluation processes, the introduction of new technologies, and scientific innovation.