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 Scientific office research management ISG

The ISG Scientific Office’s work is closely linked to clinical departments (Hospitalisation and Clinics) and clinical and research laboratories, in line with the IRCCS mission where care and hospitalisation generally target specific translational research areas, in accordance with Ministry of Health's programme.
The Scientific Officer promotes and coordinates scientific research, study and updating of the Institute (Law No. 288, article 12). In compliance with the Institute's planning and strategic policies, the Scientific Officer coordinates the current Research lines; approves individual research projects and relative budgets; coordinates specific projects that deal with specific and priority objectives proposed by agencies that finance them (ricerca finalizztata) and research projects funded by the Ministry of Health; coordinates cooperation and conventions between the Institute and other IRCCS, Ministries, Public and Private Research Organisations, National Health Service, Regional authorities and Rome's City Authority; organises and coordinates cultural and training activities, seminars, refresher courses and professional finishing schools; coordinates national and international scientific cooperation; formulates and drafts reports on ISG's scientific and clinical activities; coordinates clinical experimentation and multicentric studies. Complete functioning of the Quality Management System is one of the Scientific Office's goals, pursued through the annual definition of a Quality Policy which comprises tangible targets that can be checked as indicators of achievement of the Institute's healthcare policy. The targets are split into scientific targets and clinical-healthcare efficiency targets. The Ministry of Health, which is the institution responsible for commissioning this, has defined monitoring criteria through IF (translational research), research transferability and ability to attract external resources. The Scientific Officer promotes publishing activities with specific focus on the translational aspects of research. The Institute's publications comprise of original articles, reviews, descriptive studies (case reports, case series), analytical studies (cohort studies, case-control studies) and prognostic studies (prospective and retrospective cohort studies). Recent indexing of the journal,Esperienze Dermatologiche, published by IFO and acknowledged as the official journal of ADOI (Italian Hospital Dermatologists Association) which is of great prestige for the Institute

 Secreatariat of the Scientific office ISG

The Scientific Office's Administration uses computerised systems to perform its work concerning administrative support for internal experimental and clinical research projects related to Research lines funded by the Ministry of Health, Specific Research projects coordinated by the Ministry of Health, international and national projects, clinical trials and data regarding clinical-healthcare activities.
Specific activities

Calls for tender survey
Tenders are obtained by the Scientific Secretariat via the internet or through contacts with public and private funding sources.
In some cases, the calls are singled out directly by the researchers concerned. Department Directors and scientific coordinators of research lines are responsible for selecting interesting and relevant calls, informing the Scientific Secretariat of their choice. Researchers undertake, with the Scientific Office's supervision, to formulate and draft research projects. The Scientific Secretariat checks compliance within the agreed timeframes and budgets for the start-up and performance of project activities, coordinating communication between researchers involved in the projects.

Assistance in Obtaining Funding
This activity is coordinated by the Scientific Officer together with Department Directors, Heads of Medical Units and individual researchers.
The Scientific Secretariat forwards information related to clinical and experimental research activities to the parties concerned (internal or external), handles relations with the Ministry of Health and public and private financial backers, provides assistance to the management and control of financial and human resources and to plan actions in the area of healthcare and scientific and international programming.

Coordinating Final balance: requesting partial and final scientific and administrative project balances
The process is handled by the Scientific Secretariat which, in the run-up to deadlines, contacts the coordinating researchers who are in charge of completing and providing the final balances and submit them to the Scientific Office.

Multicentre project coordination and follow-up
The Institute has promoted the development and presentation of multicentre projects as part of relevant research project of the Ministry of Health, European Community and other national and international organisations.

Administrative management follow-up
The Scientific Secretariat together with the Finance Administration Research Office (SAR) assess project performance in order to evaluate any differences.
Secretariat contacts
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 Library, information and scientific documentation

The biomedical library represents an important centre of scientific documentation and information for the Institute. It has the aim of providing complete and updated information in the specific area of dermatology and venereology through printed and digital accessible resources and services. The library features approximately 1.300 texts and monographs and subscriptions to approximately 60 scientific journals. The library's historical resources include 2063 humanistic literary work (Fondo Agostini), 200 medical literary work dating back to the first half of the 1900s (Fondo Granelli), and an important collection of historical monographs dealing with syphilis. Moreover, the library also takes pride in its rare and valuable historical books (dating back to the 17th to 19th centuries), which are housed in the “Teatro Anatomico”, home to the Institute's Scientific Office.
In addition to the computerised catalogue and OPAC, it is also possible to access online the most important bibliographic search engines and journals, and document-delivery services using computerised systems such as A-to-Z and Nilde (Network inter-library document exchange). The Scientific Office supports multicentre projects such as BIBLIOSAN, Biblowww, ACNP (National collective journal catalogue) and Scival.

Dr. Liana Taverniti  
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Library staff:

Francesca De Rosa 

Document delivery: 
Carlo Riccioli

 Graphic technical and clinical photography

The graphic technical and clinical photography service provides support for both clinical-healthcare documentation as well as for research and preparation purposes for congresses and scientific publications. It has a historical collection of approximately 2000 photographs, a slide collection of 50.000 slides and modern technology for the complete preparation of scientific material such as posters, scientific programmes, informative material regarding rarely-occurring clinical records and significant neoplastic skin pathology. The 50.000 slides regarding the Institute's historical iconographic documentation are currently being converted to digital format.
Mr. Sandro Fantusi
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