ARVAS - Regional Association of Health Care Volunteers

ARVAS - Regional Association of Health Care Volunteers
The Association was founded in Rome on March 18, 1980. It consists of 47 G.O.L. Local Operation Groups (Gruppi Operativi Locali) in the Lazio Region.
Location in Rome: Viale Regina Margherita 239 -00198 Roma
Tel/fax: 06 5132000
E-mail:  - Sito
Registered on the Regional Registry (L.R. 29/93) no. 25 dated 14.07.94 in the Health care section and no. 68 dated 14.07.94 in the section of Social Services.
C.F. 96013650583 - C/C Post no. 13716006
Legal Representative and President:
Dr. Silvio ROSCIOLI.

Head of the local operations office:
Signor Aurelio Oliveri

Cellular phone: 320/6954006

- In the Main Hall – workstation ARVAS
- Secretary’s Office room 255 C.P.T. Centre for Cancer Prevention (Centro Prevenzione Tumori) follow the orange pathway to the YW – QT lifts. Tel. 06.52666986 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to -13:00).

- The ARVAS volunteers at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute volunteer their help not to replace health care staff but to blend in with them in assisting hospitalized patients.
Open on Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 - 9.30 / 11.00 - 13.00 / 17.00 - 19.00
- Day-hospital: Medical Oncology Units 1-2 located on the ground floor – orange pathway. Opening hours from 9.00- 13.00 on Mondays to Fridays.

- To become volunteers it is required to attend a three-month course organized by the Association in collaboration with A.M.C.I. (Associazione Medici Cattolici Italiani).
- For info please call ARVAS on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00 to 13.00 - Tel. 06.52666986 or 333.9761657– 347.6686410.

 AMOC Onlus - Association for Colorectal Cancer Patients

AMOC Onlus - Association for Colorectal Cancer Patients
Registered office: Via F. Pacelli,14 pal.A int. 3 - 00135 - ROMA – C.F. 97433360589
Offices: Regina Elena National Cancer Institute Via Elio Chianesi, 53 - 00144 Roma Tel/Fax 06 52662060 Cell. 3271431636

Registered on the Regional Registry of Lazio ONLUS (Registro Regionale del Lazio delle ONLUS)
under Volunteer work in the Health Section with the Resolution no. D0980 dated 20.03.07


Vice President

Nice Rubina Di Giacinto - Felice Franza - Rosalba Petrucci - Luisa Santi - Giovanni Ulivi
Head of the local operative group in the Istitutes
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AMOC Onlus - Association for Colorectal Cancer Patients- Onlus is a Association for volunteers which aims to provide moral support and information regarding prevention exclusively to patients with colon-rectum tumor as well as their families. They AMOC volunteers at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute volunteer their help not to replace health care staff but to blend in with them in assisting hospitalized patients in Day Hospital.
Furthermore, AMOC organizes meetings between patients with neoplasias of the colon-rectum, their families and the oncologists regarding available treatments. It provides administrative support for those who intend to use existing legal dispositions favouring cancer patients. (Law 104/92)
Besides activity within the Hospital, AMOC aims to promote information regarding the prevention of the colon –rectum neoplasias.
To this end, AMOC Onlus frequently carries out awareness campaigns for the prevention of colon-rectum tumors.
Furthermore, to facilitate endoscopical exams under heavy sedation anesthesia, AMOC Onlus has stipulated conventions.
For info please contact us at 06 52662060 –
- Day Hospital Medical Oncology 1 (Ground floor 0)
- Geriatric Oncology
- Secretary’s Office: Second Floor of Medical Oncology 1 - Stairway 0 Lift D
On Mondays to Fridays from 08.30 - 13.30 - Tel. 06 52662060
Become an AMOC volunteer
Ask us how:
Tel. 06 52662060

 AMSO - Association for Moral and Social Care in Cancer Institutes

Recognised Body D.P.R. 16/5/72 n. 375
(Gazz. Uff. n. 205 7/8/72)
Regional Enrollment Registry D.P.G.R. n. 664 18/4/94

00158 Roma - Via delle Messi d'Oro, 156
Tel. 064181822/0649852107 Fax 064181822
Taxation Number 97025440583
Available Services
Assistance and Support Services available in wards, Day-Surgery, Day Hospital and Ambulatory Units.

The welcoming service situated in the Main Hall of the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute
from Mondays to Saturdays, from 9.00am to 12.00am, in the Main Hall of the Hospital.

Hair-dressing service for female patients made up on reservation.

Contact our Toll-free oncological number at 800015341
from Mondays to Fridays from 9.00am to 12.00am.

Free Accommodation (Casa Accoglienza A.M.S.O.) in Rome, Via Gaeta n.19, where outpatients may have free accommodation as well as their families and less financially stable patients. Tel. 064818049.
Home assistance in collaboration with the hospital staff.
Training school for A.M.S.O. assistants. An annual training course is held for A.M.S.O. volunteers. The course starts in November.
For info ask the Association.


Publication of the “A.M.S.O. Bulletin“ (Bollettino A.M.S.O.), an information bulletin. To receive it please ask the Association.

All A.M.S.O. services are free


IFO, Regina Elena and San Gallicano promote initiatives and collaboration with the Association Pink Butterfly - Dragon Boat. It is an ideal example of continuity of care, collaboration, mutual support between hospital and the territory, between sport and health, including true testimony and hope.

Go to the site Pink Butterfly Section 


 RUKIJE - Association for Patients with Cancer of the musculoskeletal system

RUKIJE - Association for Patients with Cancer of the musculoskeletal system
Registered Office:
Via Fontanelle di S. Apollaria,16 - 00039 - Zagarolo (RM)
Offices: Tel.3337155926  Fax 06 95463114
Registered at the Regional Registry Office of Lazio as a Volunteer
President: Monica Morelli
Web site: - E-mail:
The Association “Rukije un Raggio di Sole” was founded in January 2010. It was named after a courageous Albanian woman, Rukije Muhametaj, who was hospitalized for a long period of time in the Orthopoedic Oncology Department, led by Prof. Roberto Biagini.

Rukije left a clear and profound message on which we have based our Association on: “The relationship that one has with a person who has faced the same path and has been cured cannot have this same relationship with any other!”.

For this reason, volunteers of the Association offering their help in the wards are exclusively ex- skeletal muscle cancer patients. We believe that testimoning one’s personal experience and new life values acquired offer t maximum strength necessary to confront and comfort to those who must face and fight the onset of an oncological illness.

Our activities include:
- Providing personal assistance to patients and families, informing them of cancer patients’ rights, provide practical and logistical information, request support from the institutes;
- Gathering people, patients and ex-patients together and participate in the group, enriching the Association with their wealth of experience and knowledge;
- Creating opportunities to meet up with the families and friends of the Association in order to share and highlight issues and specific solutions not only from a patient’s perspective but from other points of view.

Where you can find us:
- Orthopaedic Oncology, Chair Prof. Roberto Biagini (fifth floor, orange path)

How to join and support the Association:
Check out the following link:

Volunteers carry out all activities spontaneously and without pay or compensation.