Division of Dermatology, Oncology and Prevention

 Clinical Activities

The Division of Dermatology Oncology deals with prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous neoplasias, particularly melanoma and  carcinoma.
Throughout the years, its clinical research activities have increased significantly in healthcare assistance through the use of diagnostic therapeutical protocols, as well as in national and international conventions. It has also greatly fostered its scientific research activities in various studies regarding melanoma.
ISG can accommodate 4 patients in Day Hospital providing the complete therapeutic diagnosis for all types of skin cancers.

 Medical Visits/Exams

Follow up of patients who have undergone the removal of a skin melanomas or carcinomas or other neoplastic and /or precancer cutaneous lesions;

Non invasive diagnostics
: digital and computerized Epiluminescence and Videomicroscopy, for the early diagnosis of melanoma and follow up of patients who are carriers of numerous melanocyte atypical lesions;

Excisional biopsy
of clinically suspiscous lesions;
Incisional biopsy of pathologies considered at high risk of neoplastic development (sclero-atrophic lichen , radiodermatitis, genodermatosis, etc.);

treatment of the  precancerous  and/or neoplastic lesions in initial stages;

Photodynamic therapy
(PDT) of precancerous and basocellular carcinomas;
- The realization of clinical and therapeutic protocols in collaboration with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division within the same Experimental Clinical area of the Dermatology Oncology has been set up in order to accomplish the surgical treatment necessary for primary lesions (enlargement of surgical scarring of previous melanoma and possible sentinel lymphnode);
- Identify staging via clinical and instrumental exams of the diagnosed neoplasia;
- Detailed and periodical follow ups aimed to evaluate possible new lesions previously recorded on the dedicated software(2100 cases of  melanoma since 1991).

 Where/How to gain access to the Division

Clinical visits/consultations are done through appointments.

For medical visits at the Institute a referral is necessary also for patients living in other Regions. Any other services performed applies to the first visit carried out. Medical visits are provided from 8:30 to 13:30 on Mondays to Fridays.

 Research Projects

Research activities in Dermatology Oncology include:

- Investigating the biological bases of skin complexions;
- Melanoma genetics;
- Risk factors and prevention of cutaneous melanoma;
- Epidemiological characteristics, clinical and biohumoral of a population of patients with cutaneous melanoma residing in Central –Southern Italy;
- Evaluating the psychological and behavioural “delays” in patients with melanoma;
- Biological indicators of the tumour progress;
- Studying the biological mechanisms of the carcinogenesis caused by UV;
- Improvement of diagnostic therapeutic pathways;
- Evaluating new therapeutic lines.