Division of Gynaecologic Oncology

 Clinical Activities

The Division of Gynaecologic Oncology provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for patients with malignancies arising in the female reproductive system.

These include:
- Vulvar cancer
- Vaginal cancer
- Uterine and cervical cancer
- Carcinoma of the endometrium (uterine corpus)
- Ovarian cancer
- Fallopian tube cancer
- Other gynecological cancers

The treatments are personalized and achieve successful outcomes from highly specialized surgery and the multidisciplinary approach adopted by the group of gynecologic oncologists from the division, consisting of medical oncologists, radiotherapists and pathologists as well as a highly trained nursing staff in assisting cancer patients .
Immediately after admission, the patient is placed on an accurate diagnostic therapeutic pathway in line with their type of pathology and stage of disease. The doctor in the division checks (on the basis of specific criteria and quality standards) the therapeutic process and clinical management of each patient, remaining in close contact either with the patient’s family or the medical specialist treating the patient. After treatment, the gynaecologic oncology patient is sent to the Follow-up Clinic to monitor their compliance.

The Division of Gynecologic Oncology contains a Day Surgery Unit for patients who require minor surgical treatments (conization, LLETZ, hysteroscopy resectoscopic, laser therapy, diagnostic laparoscopy), which can be easily performed in a short time and in cases that do not require more than 6-8 hours hospital stay.


Nursing Clinical Coordinator 
outpatient Gynaecology Clinic
Prevention Clinic
Fabiola Nazzicone
Tel. 06 52665980    

 Medical Visits/Exams

The clinics are important and irreplaceable sectors of the clinical pyramid of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, especially for their role in the prevention and diagnosis of gynecologic malignancies. Each of these clinics have distinct opening time slots in order to give patients a clear indication of the distribution and the type of service being offered.


The outpatient activities are organized in three levels:

- First level:
Mainly deals with Prevention

- Second level :
Deals with diagnosis, using all diagnostic procedures (colposcopy, vulvoscopia, hysteroscopy) providing accurate information on the current disease;

download the brochure on hysteroscopy "no touch"

- Third level:
Deals with the Follow-up of treated patients and the outpatient therapy in cases where it is necessary to perform excisional treatments in the Ambulatory Clinics or in the Day Surgery Unit

 Where/How to gain access to the Division

Visits only by reservation
Hospital admissions are programmed.


 Research Projects

The Division of Gynaecologic Oncology is dedicated to various lines of research mainly addressing neoplastic lesions of the female reproductive system. Many of these studies are performed in collaboration with Italian and foreign institutions focusing not only on clinical research but on proteomics, genomics, epidemiology and prevention. This enables the continuous and direct comparison with other cancer centers, scholars and researchers which take place in frequent meetings and conferences.