Dermopathology Unit

 Clinical Activities

The Unit of Dermatopathology covers services related to cutaneous hystopathology with medical staff committed to the study of diagnostic dermopathology, a special sector, serving as a vital link between dermatology and pathological anatomy.
It is part of the clinical experimental section of the Division of Dermatology Oncology of the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute ISG.
ISG carries out activities in histologic, cytologic, immunohistochemistry, for the recognition and classification of cutaneous pathologies, which is essential in identifying appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

The following skin conditions benefitting mainly from dermopathological consultations are:
1) Acute and/or chronic inflammatory diseases
2) Auto-immune diseases and genodermatosis
3) Melanocyte diseases (naevi and melanomas)

4) Non melanocyte neoplastic diseases (carcinomas, lymphomas , subcutaneous tumours).  


Lab technicians
Roberta Francescani
Tiziana Panni
Marco Zaccarini 
Cinzia Di Mattia  

 Medical Visits/Exams

The Laboratory is equipped with state of art technology such as microscopes with Multitest PONs, computer software for the acquisition of images, laser micro-projector, and carries out biomolecular studies in the area of clinical diagnostics and research.

Clinical Activities
On Mondays to Fridays from 9.00-13.00, bioptic and cytologic withdrawals are carried out.
Medication control visits, retrieving medical reports and dermatopathological consultations within the Institute and externally are performed from 9.00-10.00.
Laboratory Activities
- Accepting samples and relative macroscopical withdrawals, processing, inclusion, cutting, coloration routine and final preparation of the samples.
- Reading and reporting cytologic, hystologic and immunohistochemistry preparations.
- Reviewing and consulting external histological preparations.

Assistance activity
- Cutaneous biopsies;
- Clinical histological tests;
- Unit and Day-Surgery tests;
- External histology tests;
- Cytological tests;
- Revisions;
- Immunohistochemistry;
- Dermatopathological consultations

 Where/How to gain access to the Division

For medical visits carried out at the ISG, please go to the entrance of the Unit of Dermatopathology (on –2floor, blue line, in the Division of Dermatology) on Mondays to Fridays from 9.00-13.00. It is not necessary to make appointments in advance.

Cutaneous bioptic and cytology withdrawals are carried out  based on the results of a dermopathology consultation.

 Research Projects

The Dermopathology Unit actively participates in the public funding research projects of the Institute. 

The main research lines include:

- Melanoma and melanocyte lesions: assessing markers of proliferation, angiogenesis, regression and linfocitary infiltration;
- Sentinel lymphnodes: investigating micrometastases in melanoma and cutaneous carcinomas;
- Cutaneous lymphomas;
- Follicular tumours as internal neoplastic markers;
- Cutaneous tumors and viruses;
- Genodermatosis;
- Molecular mediators  of inflammation.

Furthermore, the Dermatopathology Unit carries out professional development and training activities through clinical and histological meetings, internal seminars and self-assessment courses for clinical and pathological diagnosis.
Each year a 3-day course in dermopathology is held for practice and theory with the participation of national and international recognized professors.