Division of Breast and Soft Tissue Surgery

 Clinical Activities

The clinical activities of the Division of General Surgery A aim to ensure high standards of treatment and care, in clinical and basic research, implementing new therapeutic strategies that focus on the following diseases: breast cancer, melanoma, and sarcomas. The Division of General Surgery A is at the forefront in developing integrated local treatment aiming to change the natural history of neoplastic disease and the quality of life of cancer patients. These facilities include: a) Oncoplastic surgery that combines principles of oncological surgery and plastic surgery o give better aesthetic results by reducing or minimizing scarring; b) Immediate reconstructive surgery in cases of mastectomy and savers skin solutions and the nipple areola complex (Skin-nipple sparing ); c) the intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) in selected patients with breast cancer; d) of the sentinel lymph node surgery with intraoperative molecular testing (One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification-OSNA) in cases of breast cancer; d) the ipertermico- perfusion antiblastic, developed right at this Institute, in the neoadjuvant treatment of advanced forms of melanoma and sarcoma of the extremities. 

 Medical Visits/Exams

The activities of General Surgery Unit A consists of:
Outpatient visits
Outpatient surgery
Day surgery


 Where/How to gain access to the Division

The Breast Pathology Unit performs second-level activities, the General Surgery clinic performs the consulting activities for all other diseases.
Inpatient admissions are all scheduled and take place in week-surgery. The total number of patients undergoing surgery are assessed by the clinical-instrumental and anesthesia perspective during pre-admission. The Psycho-Oncology Unit is constantly present in pre- and post surgery for the quality of life of patients. The ward is located on the third floor of the surgical building in the Female Department together with the Plastic Surgery and Gynecology Oncology Units thus facilitating the multi-specialized approach of female oncologic pathology. The hospital rooms consist of double-rooms, with air-conditioning and en suites.

Day Surgery: This type of hospital admission can discharge patients within hours of the surgical procedure (one day or one night admission) depending on how complicated the surgical procedure is. Aside from anesthetic contraindications, the following oncological procedures are carried out according to one-day surgery method: quadrantectomy, mastectomy without immediate reconstruction, sentinel node removal, axillary lymphadenectomy, supraclavicular lymph node dissection, lymphadenectomy inguinofemoral, intraoperative radiation therapy.