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The Press and Public Relations Communication Office of the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute and San Gallicano Dermatological Institute manages the institutional relations with all the information Organs, it also constantly updates the website and provides the latest news from the Institutes.
It further supervises the Institutes’ image and the correct use of its logos. Since July 2014, the Press Office has also taken care of the press releases at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani”. "
It is also responsible of the institutional pages present on the main social platforms::
UfficioStampaIFO (internal play list: Regina Elena, San Gallicano, HP Unit, Spallanzani)
Within the Press Release section you can find:
- as well as the press releases of INMI 2014/2015. 
Brief headline news and the print media reporting on “What the Press has said about us IRE ISG 2014 (La stampa ha detto di noi” IRE ISG 2014)
Press Release Cavazza Award (Rassegna Stampa Premio Cavazza 2014)” an award for reporting on rare illnesses granted to Lorella Salce for communicating news on sarcomas, for which Regina Elena is the reference center.
Press Office INMI Spallanzani, Ebola alert through the media addressing how the media newspaper sources dealt with the news from the Ebola outbreak to curing 0 patients with Ebola.
The video “Ebola: a nice story to be told (una bella storia da raccontare)” is a rundown of various images displaying all the activities carried out to inform, develop and, take pleasure in the results produced by the Institute, in part published on the play list of Spallanzani, available on our You Tube channel.
Head of Press and Public Relations Office: Lorella Salce
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Simona Barbato, Press Officer
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Daniela Renna
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Lucia Migliaccio
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Ivana Zardin
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Francesco Bianchini
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