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 DONATE YOUR 5X1000 TO THE National Cancer Institute REGINA ELENA and SAN GALLICANO Dermatological institute

Image DONATE YOUR 5X1000 TO THE National Cancer Institute REGINA ELENA and SAN GALLICANO Dermatological institute
Your signature is very valuable to us. Especially those patients we treat, their signatures are even more valuable.
Why donate “5 per mille” to IFO
In choosing to donate 5 x mille to Regina Elena and San Gallicano you are personally supporting oncological and dermatological research and treatment strategies.
Only through medical research can prevention, early diagnosis, assistance, therapy and treatment be enhanced. The donations will help the Institutes to acquire the best technology and innovative methods in order to optimize the research carried out in the experimental laboratories as well as support operative interdisciplinary teams  that help define more targeted therapies.
How to donate 5 x mille?
• Complete the CUD form, form 730 or modello Unico;
• Cross the box “Finanziamento della ricerca sanitaria";
• Write down the taxation number of IFO – Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri, Regina Elena e San Gallicano: 0 2 1 5 3 1 4 0 5 8 3
To request material and info please contact via email


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We are devoted to biomedical and dermatological research in oncology. These research activities are aimed towards favouring translational studies. The research generated in our state-of-the-art laboratories is directed towards rapidly transferring the findings to the bedside table, with the aim to constantly improve the clinical activities.

Supporting biomedical research projects
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we focus on putting THE Patient FIRST

During hospital stay ,we offer our patients and their families the opportunity to take part in cultural events and relaxation activities the Institute’s doors to the territory.
All donations will go directly to help cover the costs of all these initiatives and to better those already in use.
See all the humanizing activities
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The WELCOME AND DIGNITY In CARE PROJECT (“Accoglienza e decoro”)
constantly creating a more suitable and COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT
The aim is to create a more suitable environment in order to accept our patients in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Thousands of people pass through our Institute on a daily basis, trustingly seeking out our medical specialists.

You can collaborate with the project  “Accoglienza e decoro” through making donations or sponsorships.
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