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 YOGA Courses

Image YOGA Courses

What you should know:
The Yoga course entails weekly sessions with qualified instructors from the Italian Federation of Yoga who voluntarily provide their commitment for 6 years.

The course aims to help patients better manage their stress levels and deal with the disease with greater awareness, communicating with their mind and body.

Yoga Sessions take place:
Every Tuesday from 14:30 to 16:00

At the Convention Centre Multimedia IFO


 Cinema "F. Calabresi"

Image Cinema "F. Calabresi"
What's to know:
"Cinema Federico Calabresi" is a weekly event for, family members and friends interested in the initiative.
The initiative was named after Prof. Federico Calabresi, an excellent Medical Oncologist at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, who shared a great passion in sports, culture and, cinem. He was the first person to promote, at the former main site of Regina Elena a night dedicated to broadcasting movies to patients hospitalized at the Institute.
Movie night takes place on Mondays at 20:00


In the Main lobby/hall of the Institute. 

 Reading Corner

Image Reading Corner
What is there to know:
The reading room and book exchange corner was set up thanks to generous donations made by people giving all types of r literature: essays, novels, science fiction, yellow, and more.

Open to the public from Mondays to Fridays 10:00 to 12:30


The Reading Corner is located on the ground floor in front of the Chapel of the Institutes 

 Together- we are more beautiful free make-up session

Image Together- we are more beautiful free make-up session
What you should know:
Taking care of ourselves and enhancing our beauty is always important, even more so when one is undergoing cancer treatment.
"Together we are more beautiful (Insieme più belle)" is a weekly beauty and wellness session, where patients can have a total beauty make over with the help of makeup artists, even ex-cancer patients. Patients will be totally pampered and understood, and learn little tips to hide any possible aesthetic side-effects caused by cancer treatments.
The beauty products used in these beauty makeover sessions are strictly dermo-cosmetic hypoallergenic, tolerated by the most sensitive skins and tested by dermatologists of San Gallicano, specialized doctors in dermatoses of oncological origins.
It is held every Wednesday morning

Day Hospital 1, ground floor

Volunteers AMOC Onlus

call 06.5266.2060 - 327.14.31.636  

 Hospital stay & knowlegde – The history of Rome enters the Institutes

Image Hospital stay & knowlegde – The history of Rome enters the Institutes
Things to Know:
What did the Ancient Romans eat? Who invented "cheese"? Did they use cutlery while they dined at the table? What were their clothing, toiletries and daily cosmetics customs and traditions? Where were the "hospitals" located in Rome? What kind of healing plants did they use? Images, stories and anecdotes about the life of the Ancient Romans are revealed by selected young people trained by the Superintendent Capitolina, who try to "entertain", intrigue, stimulate and inform, our Institutes’ visitors. These sessions will include guided tours.

Monthly appointments. Check out the calendar


Institute’s Chapel

For INFO: 

 The Patient Library

Image The Patient Library
Things to know:
The Patient Library is an educational are open to patients, family members and citizens, where one can request information and material. There are expert staff librarians able to guide the user to search for information sources. The library's objectives are primarily to provide quality, targeted and personalized information, improve communication between citizens and health personnel, help the patient to have a greater awareness of their problem and make informed-choices. In addition, the library is an effective means for overcoming the Internet divide, allowing even those who do not use electronic systems to receive information regarding one’s health.

Via Elio Chianesi, 53


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